About Ride and More Travel

Today, more than ever, we need to be conscious about the way we travel, the way we consume, and the impact we have on our planet. Traveling by bicycle is not only eco-responsible, but there’s no better way to explore Provence and its landscapes, culture, and history. At Ride & More, we’ve been cycling our country roads for more than 30 years. Our local expertise allows us to continually create adventures off the beaten path, on safe roads, and accessible to everyone.

How Ride & More Travel was born

After a 20-year career in the hospitality industry and the luxury goods business, Christophe Piérard decided to return to his beloved Provence and give some sense to his professional life. A cyclist since he was a young boy, and a traveler at heart, at 40 years old Christophe decided to create and launch Ride and More Travel. Today, it’s the premiere local company that creates custom cycling vacations. Nothing makes Christophe happier than a satisfied guest, or a little thank-you letter after a trip.

Why explore Provence with Ride & More ?

Welcome to Ride & More, specialized in the design of cycling trips, for unforgettable adventures through the Provençal countryside. We’re based in the town of Pernes les Fontaines, in the heart of Provence. We all live – and ride our bikes! – in the heart of Provence.

Local guides who are passionate about our region

At Ride & More you won’t just find itineraries off the shelf: as locals we know the smallest of country roads here in Provence, and it’s with heart and passion that we custom-design every itinerary to give you a unique experience. We’ve all ridden countless kilometers along our remote roads, and have an intimate knowledge of our region, of its history, and lots of anecdotes to share. All in hopes to enrich your experience in Provence.

A small company

We’re proud to remain a small company: three guides and each with our own strengths, but the same determination to ensure you have the perfect holiday experience. We believe in ensuring that the holiday we design is adapted to your needs, interests, and fitness level. Entirely cutomized.

We’re here in Provence help, and ensure you stay safe and confident

At Ride & More we want you to keep your peace of mind. In case of a problem – whether a simple question or need of urgent assistance – we’re here, never far away. You’ll get a quick answer, or see one of us rapidly. We’re always available by phone to guide you if need be. In case of a mechanical issue, if you need advice, a change in itinerary, our assistance will guarantee a worry-free experience in Provence.

The best possible service, every time

We’re here to help, answer any of your questions no matter how insignificant, give you advice, and share the weath of information we have about the region: our tips for riding, our favourite cafés and restaurants, and visits. Need help with a restaurant booking? We’ll help, too!

Local advice, from a local

Need to know the best place to stop for lunch during a ride? How to prepare for your Ventoux climb? Where to have the best wine-tasting experience and not be treated like a tourist? Where the best shops are to pick up gifts or a cycling jersey? We live here full time, and are glad to help, and share our tips.

Custom Tours

We’ll spend time with you discussing what you’d like to see and do in Provence, and how to have the best possible experience. We’ll design your holiday, customizing it to your exact needs. Come cycle with us in Provence to have an authentic experience, the way we ride and live here year-round. By choosing Ride & More you’re choosing local, and choosing guides who are passionate about sharing their love of the region. Every pedal stroke takes you farther into the heart of the Provence we adore.


Over the years, the team that supervises Ride And More Travel has grown stronger. The STAFF is made up of people whose complementary skills bring real added value to the proposed offer. The latter has also greatly expanded and the variety of cycling holidays responds to the different desires of travelers, both in themes and sporting levels and in the standard of services.

Who makes up the STAFF Ride and More

Today the Ride & More STAFF is made up of three people :

  • Christophe founded the company in 2017, passionate about cycling in all its forms, and about travel.
  • Stuart joined the team in 2022. Canadian by birth, he’s lived in Provence for more than 20 years. A certified mountain guide and passionate cyclist, he’s been designing holidays as long as he’s been in France.
  • Loïc joined the team in 2023. A native of the region he grew up in Provence. Passionate about cycling and long-distance expeditions, Loïc knows the region inside-out.

What does Ride and More offer?

  • Customized cycling holidays for individuals and groups
  • Self-guided tours
  • guided tours
  • guided day-tours

A different stay offer

  • Our holidays are designed by locals
  • The start date and length of tours are flexible
  • Privatized groups only
  • Up to three options of itineraries every day
  • We’re in touch with you daily
  • Emergency call service 24/7
  • lunches and dinners not included so that you have flexibility during your cycling day, but we’re more than happy to share our favourite addresses with you.
  • Guide and/or support vehicle possible without a minimum number of participants